Latest Book Read – Evil By Design

Having spent a consdierable amount of time in the book shop drinking a cappucinnu and being entertained by this book (as I’m a cheap skate and have to many weighty computer books hogging too much space) … I’d have to say it great read and very enlightening becuase as you read the various chapters you can see straight away the various strategies used by certain rather questionalable internet base companies.

Even if you have no intention of ever creating an e-commerce business one should still read this book just to protect yourself, your family and friends. Knowlede is power, your ignorance is dangerous to yourself and others will take advantage of it knowing you dom’t know they are doing so.  The book describes how some internet base commerce businesses treat you like a game idiot (I know some the tricks metioned in the book others I just could not believe people could fall for but they do).

Loved the entry about the facebook cow game …

The book will amaze, sometimes astonish and befounded you that some tatics actually work. The whys and hows they work from the psycological perpective are described. It will change your view of some people … and certaintly from the psychological perpective I now understand why people who think becaue they have a passing knowledge of something think they know it all …

I recommend others to buy or borrow this tome., whether you intend to start an e-commerce business or not, just so you know how you are being played by certain e companies.


Latest Book Read – Seductive Interaction Design: Creating Playful, Fun, and Effective User Experiences (Stephen P. Anderson)

I am not a book reviewer so don’t expect a long discourse or anthing other tha I found the book readable and interesting. As book reading goes I finished this in 3 days – an indication that it is an interesting read and not full of the marketing fluff one normally finds (which often kills my interest stone dead not that marketeers would not also find the book interesting) in such books concerning creating interesting and compeling web sites or games. Great value for the money, with some interesting links to various psychological insights and user models I’ve not considered generally when designing web sites.

I’d recommend it to anybody who is involved in web site design and architecture, or game designers.