To Our Charley (Aug. 21 2012 – Mar. 30th 2015)

I am going to miss you, your family will mtss you, your friends, , you were so much fun in your short life, and wished I had found you when you were lost in the forest and needed us to find you – and not later when there is nothing we could do for you. Your life was short, but we knew when first we found you in tthe dogs’ home you were for life to be part of our family. We hope you found in us all the love and care and knew we never abandon you and you felt secure where your home was.

Keep playing Charley, keep taking the lead and not letting me take it from you. Even if there is no other place we can still see you playing with the hoola-hoop, chasing the ball, or looking at a log you want thrown. Although your family is dimished and will always be missing you – will are better for knowing you.

Rest Charley in peace and then go play with Gucci –

Love your family.IMG_20141210_190905 IMG_20141228_112440 IMG_20150228_135137


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