Why Smart People Don’t Get Hired – Appears I’m a No. 5

Interesting  Why Smart People Don’t Get Hired read and I appear to be caught by most of the points. Having been a University Lecturer I suffer mainly from fault number five – although I truely believe people are not stupid (a part from a couple I have work with – cowards would aptly apply as well to them behaving a WWI generals). As an aside – imagine someone claiming that a database modelling tool complicates the design process of designing a database perhap he should tell Oracle to dump the data modelling tool and Microsoft to stop wasting time developing SQL Server Management studio. That it was said in front of HR, really makes you wonder how stupid IT infrastructure managers can be in certain organisations sponoured by the Commision.

Now I know the problem – maybe I should start treating others as idiots – nah, that is not me. I like to encourage, and assist people (and organisations) to achieve, especailly those who have the misfortune of being managed by those who belittle what other could accomplish and never give them credit. What an individual given the oppertunity and encouragement can and will achieve is sometimes amazing (you have to accept they will make mistakes but that is normal and healthy) but too often these individuals are boxed in by a company who management are ABC individuals (generally uncreative consumers) who mummy always sent them to school with an apple for the teacher.

Have I gone of point no I have not  – the associations are there …


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