Weird interview questions I have been asked

I am an honest person and give answers honestly, in my life I have numerous job interviews … maybe I’m just too honest, and call a hammer a hammer when I see one (being rather PC here) often at the end the HR person often throws in an odd question. Here are the question and the answers I rememebr.

What is your favourite Abba song and why ?

  • I should say Take a Chance on Me – but the real talent of Abba, Agnetha, never looked comfortable in the official video but I think everybody notices this  …  I’d go for SOS … the echos still reverberate and will forever for purely personal reasons.  I was only 12 years and she, Katie, trashed by heart.

What in your opinion is the best film ever made and why ?

  • Le Samouraï (”Frank Costello faccia d’angelo”) with Alain Delon the best french noir film, and film ever made run close too Mery Per Sempre. The film has very little dialogue but is intense, you are never sure whether you want justice for the victim (as you learn more about the victim you think he deserved it) or his assassin. Plein Soleil, another brilliant film, just lacks the intense emotional ambiguity but the sence in the Naples market is just hypnotic.

Which acclaimed film do you wish had never been made ?

  • 2001 a space odyssey, what a load of navel gazing bull, and the main actor a hippy hipster I’d love to give good kicking too with a pair of steel toe capped 10 hole DMs. Who the hell was he? Bloody hippies. (interview ends … sandal wearers). Boring pasudo intellectual in the extreme. Sorry, just utter drivel.

Which song has the most impact on your self and why:

  • The important bit is the why, as there is very little chance the interviewer will know ever song ever released. Sham 69 Borstal Breakout – on a higher level this is not about a breaking out of a correction establishment – but breaking out of the institutionalisation of one life by the delusional and fearful authorities (teachers, police, journalist, employers, government and neocons) that you will discover they have no right of respect of their life beyond the respect they give to yours.

Which song do you think is most overrated:

  • The Eagles Hotel song, worthless navel gazing, guitar masturbation that only the US could produce and think its a classic. Wished they had not infected the world with that worthless dival. Still smile when that is what expat US cizs think is a great contribution to world culture.  Ah, colonials, can’t love em.

The rolling stone or the beatles:

  • Neither … can’t stand either …

If you died tomorrow which song would you chose:

  • Was asked sometime in 1985 … answered Hurry Up Harry by the Sham 69 as my family is Irish. Now not sure how I would answer that one now, it would have to be the Raveonettes, Here Comes the End, the driving beat is pure rock and something positive in a negative stream.

Best Art show you have viewed:

  • Can’t remember if it was in Rome at Adrian’s Tomb or somewhere else but Caravaggio by candle light (not real but artificial) was simply a mind numbing sensation … every picture took on a different essence and fearsomeness … you could taste the drying paint. Be scared, you’d be.

Venetian Blinds or Russian Dolls (European Commission at the end of a three hour interview)

  • Russian dolls, I can think of more uses for russian dolls (cocktail shaker, measuring jugs, beaker, maracas etc …) than venetian blinds.

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