Pro XML Development with Java Technology

I was throwing out a number of old computer books (throwing books into the bin is tough mentally) … one of which was an Apress book – Pro. XML Development with Java Technology published in 2006. Although a 7 year old computing book is ancient in computing terms most of the chapters are still very relevent apart from the chapter (8) concerning Native XML Databases.

The chapter focuses on the apache Xindice native database which is now defunct. Instead I use BaseX for my XML document database solutions. BaseXData has full support for XQuery 3.0 Processor and the W3C Update and Full Text extensions. It is relatively simple to setup and get running and has very good client support for a number of programming language.

Besides that one chapter much of book is still quiet relevent today as a general reference book … so it was saved from the bin for a while.

Written while listening to Radio Margherita Napoli (um … I säccio/sacciu I) … now I can listen to more of this The Raveonettes – Here Comes the End


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