Project Fork n’ Knives

As I’m  now acquiring deeper knowledge of a couple of project management tools, in this instance Team Foundation Server 2012 Express/ALM, Project 2013 and Web2Project (an open source web-based project management tool) I need to define a project for myself in a couple of hours (although I come up with ideas fairly simply)

A quick overview of Project Proposal Fork n’ Knives:

I have come up with a better name – but that is for me to know and the cyber squatting chumps to guess. Oh, and can if you wish  repeat the name ten times in quick succession for a wee laugh. Actually, it is not a bad name thinking about it again.

The project (more a business proposal) is a C2B application that provides restaurants with the facility to handle group-booking by assisting the costumers in selection of their meals. Often it is the case with large groups that a restaurant would like to know the individuals members menu selection some time in advance of the date and time of the event.

Presently, there no single application (I have not done any research so the statement might not be factual … ) that provides this facility to restaurants and their potential costumer base. There are some general applications that can be configured to provide some of the facilities of the proposed application but these applications require a high degree of application knowledge to function beyond their intended domain.


Target Sector:

Family, small and medium-sized restaurants who currently have difficulties in providing for large groups and do not have the facilities to for management and planning for catering of group bookings. The system offers the business the ability to reduce the required time span for accepting group bookings, better planning in relation to staffing levels and associated costs.

For the customer, or group organiser, assists in menu choice associated with individuals as well as providing some control of costs (future development). A record of individuals meal choice and associated cost as well as an automatic reminder service for individuals to make their selection.

Potential Advantages to Business (restaurant):

  1. assists in reduction of waste reducing costs
  2. facilitates just in time cooking
  3. improves the meal pre-preparation task … (how many chocolate mousse …)
  4. enables better staff planning reducing costs
  5. assists the business in financial planning (a stretch … )
  6. facilitate improvement in uses of floor space
  7. Reduction in required time for accepting group bookings
  8. lots of other stuff but there is only 2 hours …. and I don’t want to divulge too much

Potential Advantages to the customer

  1. assists the group manager in managing the group meals requirements
  2. facilitates improved cost control
  3. reduces the pre-booking time
  4. reminder service who in the group has not made their menu selection
  5. other stuff that can not be divulged

Financial Strategy (how the service pays)

  1. Subscription based approach: our potential customers (restaurants) pay either by subscription (48 euros a year)
  2. Per usage based: each group booking has a set price (8 euro per booking).
  3. advertisement revenue (could be extra to keep costs reasonable)

The two hours are up but I have a project … During the time of writing this rather spare project/business proposal I have mainly been listening to …  Radio Margherita Napoli … now for some more of this … You Want the Candy


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