Google Search Settings: Why can I not exclude URL’s/IP address

With Google you can have personalised search settings most of which are pretty useless … the one I would like is an exclude URL´s with wild cards … such as *.com – to exclude search results from the com top level domain. Some sites proprio mi annoia (trans. piss me off) and this feature would be great as then when I do a search they would automatically be excluded. For Google this is extra data mining data and good for businesses as it would inform them their web strategy just pisses people off.

Get with it Google … and added it to the personlised search settings as its a benefit to you as well as the users !!!

Idea with IP pending … nah just joking … 🙂

Ah, with bit of coding … have to proxy via my virtaul archlinux server … and filter the results (removing the sites entry … um sometimes I get a blank page of results but still better than wasting my time having to check the urlS before clicking). Problem is only works locally.


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